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Pure Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fundamental substance of the culinary world: so simple, yet so essential. The highest quality olive oil, which meets rigorous standards of taste and chemistry, is known as EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Our selection of pure olive oil is made up entirely of EVOOs.

Olive oil has many uses, including dipping, dressing, and marinade. EVOO may be used on its own, or paired with a vinegar to make a vinaigrette. Pure olive oil pairs well with any flavour of vinegar.

image courtesy of Petr Pakandl

We continuously refresh our supply, drawing from many parts of the oil-producing world, including the Mediterranean, South Africa, Australia, California, and Latin America. To account for all palates, EVOOs are divided into three levels of flavour intensity: mild, medium, and robust.

EVOOs are cold-pressed, which means that the olives were crushed at a temperature not exceeding 27°C. Higher temperatures allow a greater volume of oil to be extracted, but with significant quality degradation.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient regulation, the North American market abounds with poor-quality oils fraudulently labelled as “extra virgin”. These imposters, which typically originate as “hot-pressed” oil, are disguised through deodorization (the filtering of undesirable chemicals found in low-quality oil, notably high levels of acid) and/or adulteration (the addition of other oils, flavourings, and/or colourings).

The authenticity of our extra virgin olive oil is guaranteed by the certification of world-class Modern Olives Lab, Australia.