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Bottle Sizes
Sample – 60 ml
Small – 200 ml
Medium – 375 ml
Large – 750 ml

For each purchase you make Dec 1–21, you can choose to be entered in our Holiday Tree draw. Over $250 worth of goodies!

To add an entry when making an online purchase, just write something like “enter me in the draw!” using the “Special Instructions” box during checkout. The draw will take place when we close for the day on Dec 21; we’ll announce the winner on social media!

Oils and Vinegars
small – $15
medium – $20
large – $35
  Extra Virgin Olive Oil   Infused Olive Oil   Seed/Nut Oil   Dark Balsamic   White Balsamic   Wine/Honey Vinegar

Truffle-infused Olive Oil
sample / small / medium / large
black truffle: $11 / $27 / $39 / $70
white truffle: $12 / $33 / $49 / $90
  Black Truffle Olive OIl   White Truffle Olive oil
Gift Pair
two 60 ml bottles – $12

Select the custom gift pair if you want to choose the contents of each bottle, or the premade gift pair if you’d rather we choose (popular types) for you.
  Premade Gift Pair
  Custom Gift Pair
Four Pack
four 60 ml bottles – $24

Premade Four Pack
Two oil-vinegar pairings, selected
from our most popular flavors.
  Premade Four Pack

Custom Four Pack
Pick your own!
  Custom Four Pack
Gift Pack
six 60 ml bottles – $35

Most Popular Pack
oils → Basil, Garlic, Tuscan Herb
vins → Black Mission Fig, Cranberry Pear, Maple
  Most Popular Gift Pack

Salad Lovers Pack
oils → Basil, Blood Orange, Tuscan Herb
vins → Blueberry, Grapefruit, Pomegranate Quince
  Salad Lovers Gift Pack

Mediterranean Pack
oils → Herbes de Provence, Milanese Gremolata, Tuscan Herb
vins → Neapolitan Herb, Sicilian Lemon, Traditional Dark
  Mediterranean Gift Pack

Custom Gift Pack
Pick your own!
  Custom Gift Pack
Ultimate Tasting Gift Box
eighteen 60 ml bottles – $105

Nine pairs of our most popular oils and vins!
  Ultimate Tasting Gift Box
Simple Pour Spout
The simple spout ($2) moderately slows down the pour by restricting the bottle opening to a narrow channel. The spout is opened by popping off the black cap.

Fits our 200 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml bottles.
(Does not fit our 60 ml bottles.)
  Simple Pour Spout
Self-closing Pour Spout
The self-closing spout ($5), which slows the pour to a drizzle, opens and closes automatically as the bottle is tilted.

Fits our 200 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml bottles.
(Does not fit our 60 ml bottles.)
  Self-closing Pour Spout – Gold   Self-closing Pour Spout – Red
Hardwood Pour Spout
This premium self-closing spout ($20) is made from hand-carved, sustainably harvested rosewood, padauk, ebony, and walnut.

Fits our 200 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml bottles.
(Does not fit our 60 ml bottles.)
  Hardwood Pour Spout
ChocoSol Coffee
Full-bodied medium-bold roast.
Product of Oaxaca, Mexico. $20
  ChocoSol Coffee
Newfoundland Sea Salt

150g jar of Sea Salt. $20   Newfoundland Sea Salt - Large

10g tin of Sea Salt. $7   Newfoundland Sea Salt - Small

40g jar of flavour-infused Smoked Sea Salt. $15   Newfoundland Sea Salt - Smoked

40g jar of flavour-infused Green Alder Sea Salt. $15   Newfoundland Sea Salt - Green Alder

40g jar of flavour-infused Coffee Sea Salt. $15   Newfoundland Sea Salt - Coffee
Truffle Salt
1 oz of salt, infused with genuine black truffle.
Intense flavour. A little goes a long way. $10
  Truffle Salt
Mustard – Atlantic Mustard Mill
125 grams of gourmet mustard, made in PEI. $10
  Dijon Style   Nor' Easter   East Coast Hot Dog   Under the Sea   The Maritimer   Oh Tannenbaum
Gift Certificate
Order for in-store pickup, or send directly to the lucky recipient by lettermail.

Gift certificates are redeemed in person.
  In-store Pickup   Lettermail