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About Oil & Vinegar

What can I do with oil and vinegar?

Use them as dressing, for salads, vegetables, or pasta. Use oil or vinegar by itself, or mix them to make a vinaigrette. The classic ratio is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar.

Use them as marinade to soak foods with flavour before cooking. Marinading time varies by food thickness and consistency.

Make balsamic glaze by boiling down balsamic vinegar to a syrupy consistency. Add sugar for a lively sweet-sour flavour.

You can finish a dish with a splash of oil or vinegar at the end of preparation. Soups and sauces are prime candidates.

Oil and vinegar bread dip makes a great appetizer or snack.

Olive oil makes a healthy substitute for butter in frying and baking. Quality olive oil is perfectly safe to fry with, including a high smoke point. In baking, butter can be replaced by three quarters the volume of oil.

What exactly is extra virgin olive oil?

In order to qualify as “extra virgin”, olive oil must be cold-pressed: the olives must be crushed using simple mechanical means, without the use of heat or solvents. Additionally, the oil must meet high standards of chemical analysis and pass the expert assessment of a tasting panel.

Our selection of EVOOs (extra virgin olive oils) rotates constantly, as batches arrive from oil-producing countries around the world. Just as wines are often referred to by grape variety, so are olive oils named by olive variety. “Picual” olive oil, for instance, is made from Picual olives.

EVOO flavour comes in a wide range of intensity, from the delicacy of mild oils (often recommended for salads) to the intense, peppery flavour of robust oils (which excel in marinating and cooking). Our medium oils strike a nice balance for general use.

In our shop, we keep the chemical analysis of each EVOO on display. Between these numbers, and the world class reputation of our supplier—Veronica Foods—you can be confident that in our shop you’ll be purchasing genuine EVOO: the highest quality olive oil there is.

Our flavour-infused olive oils begin as mild EVOO. All of our infused olive oils (including truffle!) and balsamics feature 100% natural flavours. All are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

What makes olive oil and balsamic vinegar so healthy?

Anti-inflammation: oleocanthal, a component of olive oil, is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Anti-oxidation: antioxidants in olive oil and balsamic vinegar neutralize the cell-damaging molecules “free radicals”, which contribute to premature aging, hardening of arterial walls, and various illnesses.

Cholesterol: olive oil and balsamic vinegar help reduce bad (low-density) cholesterol and raise good (high-density) cholesterol.

Insulin sensitivity: by increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin, olive oil and balsamic vinegar help the body use it more efficiently, leading to a lower concentration in the blood. This helps prevent a range of illnesses.

Digestion: the polyphenols in olive oil and balsamic vinegar stimulate the activity of pepsin, a primary digestive enzyme, and enhance the absorption of amino acids.

For more details, see Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Health.